“This was our first puppy and we were referred to Joella for training. We have never looked back. Our little guy gets so excited as we're driving there. He knows exactly where we're going! After all the obedience classes, we signed up for agility training. Joella and her team make it so much fun. We would highly recommend The Uncommon Canine!”

“For the past year our Esskie has been going to class to learn some doggie manners and not only has he learned but so have we. JOELLA and her staff have made not only it interesting but fun. WELL DONE LADIES MANY THANKS.”

“Over the past 8 years or so I've had three dogs trained by Joella Cunnington of the Uncommon Canine. She's by far the finest trainer I've ever worked with. She's patient, fun, and gets results!”

“Joella is great with the dogs. She has a no nonsense, humorous approach and the dogs love her (so do we!) We have a 9 year-old Golden Retriever that went through her obedience training and is the best dog we've ever had. We now have a puppy that she is helping us train!“

“The classes are small enough to get the attention you need. Joella is hilarious. The class is fun and the instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly and only teach with positive reinforcement.”

“Joella has a amazing touch with animals, but knows just how to get the dog's "mama" (or daddy) to control the behaviors of their dog. Even the young pups learn good manners with Joella!”

“Joella and Lisa are VERY good at identifying issues with dogs. We are in puppy kindergarten and we are asked what issues we are dealing with at the start of every class. This allows the entire class to benefit from the answer to specific issues. I like the fact that Joella can come up with unique ideas to tackle a problem and if the trick doesn't work for the owner, she provides others. She has a lot of experience and it shows. I highly recommend this class when you get a new puppy. It is never too early to start training!”

“Joella is a natural dog trainer. She has a lot of education and experience too, and dogs want to please her! She's very good at teaching owners how to develop a stronger bond with their dogs by following her training methods.”

“The Animal Keeper's training and play yard is very nice, and her play nights are wonderful!”

“Joella, and all the trainers at The Uncommon Canine, have a great love for dogs and their owners. They help improve your relationship with your dog and make life easier. I enjoy their agility class every week. It's great exercise for the dogs and the people. My dogs will always be Uncommon Canines!”

“Joella has taught me everything I know. My dog was driving me crazy with his incessant barking, herding, and destroying my house! With Joella's help he's made a complete turn around!”

“Joella and Chris did a great job with our very stubborn small dog. They were positive and patient. I would highly recommend them. Dogs in the classes we attended seemed to thrive and learning was fun.”

“Joella and her associates are simply the best around at producing results with so-called stubborn and high-drive dogs; owing to their focus on positive-association training; putting them head and shoulders above many other trainers who still cling to the outmoded and barbaric jerk-and-pull and negative reinforcement methodologies. You and your dogs can't help but like them!”

“The best for people and dogs. Joella is number one!!!”

“Joella is a fun and knowledgeable trainer. You will enjoy her classes very much!”

“Training Scottish Terrier's are not easy... Joella made it easier. She loves the dogs and is a wealth of information for all aspects of a dogs life whether it is training... health... happiness. Thanks for all you have done for me and the girls!”

“If you want to laugh a lot, spend quality time learning how to interact with your dog for positive results, try some of the training courses offered by Joella. She worked wonders with my newly adopted dog - and with me. I really looked forward to the classes and was sorry when they were over. My dog LOVED the agility course. She was so proud of herself!”

“Joella and Cris are the best trainers. Their positive methods work. I have done other training classes but this one has changed the way I train my dog. This change has resulted in a dog that is well-trained and obedient. It has also made training a lot of fun for me.”

“Fun, knowledgeable, great with the dogs and the owners. My three dogs agree, The Uncommon Canine is the best!”


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